Fox News saying what I want to hear?

Conservative pundits and alt right radio:

The radical left is TAKING OVER THE COUNTRY.

Progressives have a problem with how America was founded.

The “American Left wants to totally transform America.

We are witnessing a “left-wing cultural revolution.”

Are liberals trying to “overthrow” the government?

Fox news is telling us liberals are winning. Sounds great to me. Listening to progressives, I might think we aren’t making any progress at all. So I was thinking this is a good way to cheer myself up, maybe I need to turn to the other channels.

Conservative perceive themselves the victims of the left’s radical agenda. They think the left is taking things from them. But how can that be? Liberals are the minority. The conservatives have full power of the legislature and the white house.

What are they seeing that they don’t like? Confederate and Columbus statues being torn down? Supreme court banning discrimination of LGBTQ employees by employers? Supreme court halting oil drilling at Standing Rock? Local pressure on prosecutors is resulting in indictments of police officers who have brought violence instead of public safety? Washington’s NFL team changing its racial slur of a name? The Supreme Court acknowledgement of Oklahoma as Indian Territory? The incredible number of progressive candidates of color in primaries who want change?

Maybe we are winning. But we still are told that our rights have been taken away. And there are examples of that too. But as we are fighting for our rights… they are fighting for theirs too… and neither things we are winning.

We have common ground there. A friend’s conservative father in law said, “Satan is walking on earth… ruining our country.” A liberal coworker responded, “I agree, Satan is here — he’s in the White House.” A Trump loving family member said, “I don’t like what is happening in our country right now.” “Heck yea cousin, I agree.” He hopes Trump being re-elected will fix it. I also hope my guy will fix it.

Both candidates say voting for them will save the country. Fox News reports that liberals think voting for Biden will help “redeem our country from the terrible story” (of our founding). David Limbaugh said: “How long can this nation survive?”

We all agree. We all think we are in trouble. We all think we are losing. We all think the other side is to blame. But if I want to feel like I am winning, maybe I should tune in to the other side.

Postscript: “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” -Marianne Williamson



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Kimberly Urish

Kimberly Urish

Always an English major, I write short non-fiction about my experiences. Talk to me.