If a fundraising professional falls in a forest… I mean sends a grant proposal from the work-from-home office, did it really happen?

In this dream, I’m at a conference with my teammates. Something I used to do with some frequency. It’s pre or post COVID so not the recurring dream…

Another screen instead of a friend
Another day separate but on zoom
A work day marks the day different
Another short commute to the guestroom

Another risk assessment of the ordinary
Another socially distanced work around
Another tech platform crammed in my brain
Another unsatisfying solution found

Another afternoon like…

So many of my favorite people have gotten off Facebook saying it’s too hard, it’s full of nasty politics, comment trolls, or Russian bots trying to exert an emotional response. The fun is gone from Facebook. It’s not fun because it’s not personal. People repost, sharing other content — articles…

[I wrote this story and published it on Medium in 2017. Later, I found this header on the story: “Only you can see this message. This story’s distribution setting is off.” I cannot update the setting so I had to republish.]

I’m 17 years old. I’m on a bus in…

To be a nonprofit fundraising professional who has worked at multiple organizations is to become intimately aware of the problems of the world. You absorb them into your being. They change you. It’s impossible to live on as you did before.

In my time at a bicycle advocacy organization, I…

Kimberly Urish

Always an English major, I write short non-fiction about my experiences. Talk to me.

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